Louisiana Injury Laws In A Car Accident

Car accidents in Louisiana continue to be on the rise,which is why it is important to know what to do if in one. Every state is a little bit different,and Louisiana has some unique laws. Not only are they an at-fault state,but they are also a comparative fault state. What does all this mean,and how can it complicate making an claim? Here is more on the two Louisiana injury laws to know.

An at-fault state means that a person who is injured can seek compensation from an individual without having to use their own personal insurance first. This is nice,because most find it to be more convenient. The insurance companies will figure things out,eventually seeking compensation if in fact a person decides to still use their personal insurance originally.

Every driver in Louisiana has to carry liability coverage to make it all work. Failure to do so can not only result in legal trouble,but might end up costing a person tens of thousands of dollars.

The other major Louisiana injury law is that the state can issue comparative fault after an accident. Not a lot of states do this,but it means that fault can be shared by two or more people. This comes into play when working on a settlement. Instead of getting everything paid for,there is a chance that only 50% or even less is paid for depending on the final verdict.

With complicated laws in the state,many people should consider a injury lawyer if something happens in Louisiana. It can end up saving some people thousands of dollars simply by knowing all the rules. Consider this a good option,especially if this is a first accident. No one wants to have to pay for something they aren’t responsible for.

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