Learning a New Language – Social Based Activities

So you are a social butterfly.  The last thing you want is for your language learning to take the way of the hermit. Just because you work solo with a language learning software does not mean you have to lock yourself up in a room as your strategy for acquisition.  In fact, many social-based activities can help reinforce your lessons and get you much needed time in the field.

Hit The Tables. Many colleges regularly see students who study a particular language congregating together during specific times of the day.  Find the tables where those practicing your target language meet up and join them.  A new face is always welcome as long as you have something to contribute.

Seek Out Local Groups. Chances are, there are local groups in your city where the target language is regularly practiced, either by expats from the home country or second language learners like you.  Find them and ask around whether you can join in.  No harm ever comes from asking and the good it can do you!

Set-Up Language Exchanges. Native English speakers who want to learn a foreign language have a tremendous upside: tons of people want to improve their English.  As such, it is considerably easier for you to find folks from overseas that you can swap language training with.  They will teach you their language, you teach them yours – the classic barter trade. Then, get into these activities for you to be helped with regards of leaning a new language.

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