5 Factors on Finding the Best Self-Storage in Cardiff

Rent in Cardiff is steadily increasing. It is an up and coming city in Wales and there is no where else to go but up. With London,Portsmouth,and Leicester,the three most densely populated cities in the UK,facing a steady number of its residents moving out,other cities are taking the fall. Cardiff just happens to be the one of those that residents are moving into. It has a number of great job opportunities both for fresh graduates and established professionals. Cardiff also allows its residents to spend their free time around nature and breathtaking views.

It has a promising economy that’s fully sustainable for families to be raised and grow. Majority of the newcomers come from densely populated cities like London. Studies have proven that it is 189.50% more expensive to live in London and 316.06% more expensive in New York as compared to the living expenses in Cardiff. The price of groceries in Cardiff can make Londoners cry in joy.

Despite the increasing amount in rent,it is still incomparable compared to the amount that you have to pay in other UK cities. You can save up on rent by getting a flat or an apartment that is smaller than what you would get. You can then store your items into self-storage facilities.cardiff facilities are a versatile and cheap solution for your storage problems.

Here are 5 Factors to consider to find the Best Self-Storage facility in Cardiff.


Obviously,the first factor that will matter is the price of the self-storage facility. You would want to get a self-storage unit that does not run your bank account dry. There are several factors that affect storage pricing and it will be covered later on. Price of storage units in Cardiff start for as low as £ 8 a week. This could go even lower depending on your planned duration of stay.


When considering for a self-storage unit,the second most important factor to consider is the location. How close are you supposed to be from your self-storage facility. If you are going to store items that you need in a regular basis (ie. kitchen appliances,extra clothes,etc) then get a storage unit that is close to you. It goes without saying that this will drive up the price for a few pounds. On the other hand,if you’re going to store items that will only be of use to you on a seasonal basis (ie. extra furniture,equipment,old books,etc),then you can get a storage facility that is far away from the city centre.


The next thing you have to factor in is the size fo your storage unit. You would want to get the right size of self-storage facility for your items. If you get a unit that is too small,it would be counterintuitive as you would not have enough space for all your items. Getting a unit that is too big would cost you way more and who would like losing money? It is too expensive to get something too large,not to mention that it would just be filled with air.

As a rule of thumb,here is a size guide that you can check what you can store in a self-storage unit given a specific size. For example,a 25 sq. ft. storage unit can hold 60 medium sized boxes or the equivalent load of one small van.

Unit Type

There are two types of storage units available in Cardiff — Indoor or Outdoor. The prices of self-storage facilities vary depending on what you get. Both come with their own pros and cons. Outdoor Access Facilities allow its tenants to drive up and access their items from the outside. This means easier storing and quicker access. On the other hand,Indoor Access Facilities require going inside building premises before being able to access thier items.

Outdoor Access Facilities are obviously a more convenient and cheaper option as compared to Indoor storage. However,Indoor Access Facilities have additional benefits like Climate Control and CCTV Monitoring.


Speaking of amenities,the last thing that you should consider when looking for a self-storage facility are the amenities available to your unit. 24/7 Access,CCTV Cameras,and Climate Control are just some benefits that you may add into your units for the safety of your items. Climate Control,for example,protects your items from environmental damage like mould and humid weathers.

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